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Fish Oil Blood Thinner

Fish Oil Blood Thinner Properties

Blood clots can be very serious and lead to complications like strokes and heart attacks. Prior to this, it is not uncommon for thrombophlebitis to occur. The condition relates to the swelling that results when a blood clot is present, most often in the legs

Blood Clot in Arm

Large Blood Clot in Arm after Blood Draw – What To Do?

Thrombophlebitis occurs when a blood clot within a vein occurs and causes swelling. Most often, this occurs in the legs. In rare cases, a blood clot in arm areas or in the neck may occur as well. When the clot appears near the surface of the skin it is referred to as superficial thrombophlebitis. It is less serious than when a clot forms deep within the body, a condition known as a deep vein thrombosis

Blood Clots in Legs

Blood Clots in Legs Symptoms, Treatment and Natural Remedies

Deep vein thrombosis (typically shortened to DVT) is a condition where a clot has formed deep within the veins of the calf most commonly. It affects hundreds of thousands of people annually. Sometimes it is caused by injury or immobility while other times blood clots in legs can be caused by hormone medications