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Turmeric Blood Thinner

Turmeric Blood Thinner Properties

Turmeric comes from a plant that is a part of the ginger family. Typically, the part of the plant known as the rhizome is what is used in both medicinal and culinary applications. Traditionally, the rhizome is heated and then made into a powder, the spice that is often used to add some zing to a variety of dishes. But, while the culinary uses of turmeric are undeniable, there are many purported health benefits to the spice as well

Fish Oil Blood Thinner

Fish Oil Blood Thinner Properties

Blood clots can be very serious and lead to complications like strokes and heart attacks. Prior to this, it is not uncommon for thrombophlebitis to occur. The condition relates to the swelling that results when a blood clot is present, most often in the legs

Blood Thinning Benefits of Walnuts

Blood Thinning Benefits of Walnuts for Healthy Heart and Arteries

Walnuts unfortunately may be best known for their fat content and contribution to reaching the daily recommended intake of calories. But, the tree nuts are also incredibly friendly to the heart and cardiovascular system in a large variety of ways

Benefits of Grapes

Blood Thinning Benefits of Grapes

Grapes are often the first fruit enjoyed by many as the sweet, round fruits are nearly irresistible for little toddler fingers at snack time. And, while the benefits of grapes are plentiful, it is often not until much later in life that their true benefit is discovered.