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How To Prevent Blood Clots

How To Prevent Blood Clots – What Works and What Not?

Blood coagulation is the mechanism of action by which the blood in the body forms clots. Under most circumstances, this is a normal and healthy part of the physiological processes of the body, and is necessary for many functions

Blood Coagulation Test

Blood Coagulation Test at Home – Thick or Thin Blood?

There are many people who regularly take blood thinning medications. Sometimes, this is a result of a serious clot related condition like a pulmonary embolism. Other times, these medications are used to treat various blood clotting

Fish Oil Blood Thinner

Fish Oil Blood Thinner Properties

Blood clots can be very serious and lead to complications like strokes and heart attacks. Prior to this, it is not uncommon for thrombophlebitis to occur. The condition relates to the swelling that results when a blood clot is present, most often in the legs

Clopidogrel Side Effects

Clopidogrel Side Effects – Common and Rare!

Clopidogrel (a.k.a brand name Plavix) is a medication used to prevent abnormal blood coagulation that can occur following a stroke or a heart attack. It is commonly sold under the brand name Plavix, and its mechanism of action is to prevent the atypical clumping of platelets together which can lead to clotting

Blood Clot Symptoms

Top 10 Blood Clot Symptoms

The process of blood coagulation is a healthy and natural part of the everyday function of the body. When injury or illness present, the platelets in the blood are quick to respond to the scene to form a temporary healing plug and a quick burst of chemical release to start the clotting process.