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Garlic Blood Thinner

Garlic Blood Thinner Properties

Garlic has been used literally for thousands of years for its medicinal benefits. Today it is treated more as a culinary ingredient, used to flavor up and spice up various dishes. But, while there is no denying that many foods are enhanced by the pungent aroma and fierce flavor of garlic, its medicinal properties are still incredibly valuable today and are garnering even more attention in recent years as studies have begun to unearth the herbs true potential

Thyme Tea Benefits

Thyme Tea Benefits for Blood Thinning and Heart Health

Thyme is grown all around the world and is used in a wide variety of culinary applications but also can make for a delightful tea. The herb comes from a plant and the leaves, oil and flowers have long been used for a long list of medicinal applications in both traditional alternative and ancient medicine. Thyme tea benefits are thought to include

Blood Thinning Benefits of Walnuts

Blood Thinning Benefits of Walnuts for Healthy Heart and Arteries

Walnuts unfortunately may be best known for their fat content and contribution to reaching the daily recommended intake of calories. But, the tree nuts are also incredibly friendly to the heart and cardiovascular system in a large variety of ways

Benefits of Grapes

Blood Thinning Benefits of Grapes

Grapes are often the first fruit enjoyed by many as the sweet, round fruits are nearly irresistible for little toddler fingers at snack time. And, while the benefits of grapes are plentiful, it is often not until much later in life that their true benefit is discovered.